Patch Notes Update Notice17.1.22


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Feb 20, 2022
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Greetings Adventurers!
Today we have made some adjustments to our systems which you can find below.

Auto loot now performs smoother on the server when the Adventurer kills a large quantity of monsters.

The Geodata system has been modified so players will never experience issues regarding unloaded sectors.

Several Quests have been corrected for the Archer Class and related NPC's have been fixed.

Fixed an Issue with some mounts not being interactable as soon as they are removed from the stable.

Sorceress Shards of Darkness have been corrected so the player can not reach above 30 shards.

Optimization to mount movement has been done and two seated mounts are much smoother for the additional rider.

Additional Optimizations have been made to the NPC Spawning system.

Quests where the Adventurer must follow an NPC have been corrected.

Additional Optimizations have been to the AI system and monsters should now respond much quicker in certain scenarios.

Fixed and Issue where items which increased and decreased HP would do double of its intended outcome. Eg Raell Weapons reducing 200HP instead of 100HP.

Fall Damage Has been reworked and should be much more consistent with the hight the Adventurer has fallen.

Players now drop additional loot upon death other than just Trade items.

NPC Spawns for Balenos and Serendia have been tidied.

Some NPC interactions were fixed and Adventurers can now interact with those specific NPC's.

New NPC's were added to bring more life to world in areas which were mostly barren.

Broken Minigames have been fixed so players can now complete life skill quests which required them.​